Baking Your Best Relationship

Just like with any relationship worth your time baking is a process and it takes time. Some items bake faster than others.

The ingredients I put in my baked goods have a direct effect on the quality of the end result; same as with two people in a relationship if these individuals do not bring their best self to the relationship, no matter how wonderful their intention is this relationship is bound to end soon or even worse yet; two disgruntled adults stay in a sour relationship. 

I know this is true because I have personally experienced both harmony and misery in adult relationships. Baking in my marriage has been an on going process. Sometimes I was using my worse ingredients (anger, hate, resentment) during a situation and I allowed those ingredients to be part of my recipe so the end result was a sour and nasty taste or moment for both of us.

Key Points:

  1. Bring your best self (quality ingredients)
  2. Patience (oven time)
  3. Gratitude (enjoy)

Stay beautiful

Mercedes E. Cruz

Some books my partner and I have used to help us create a better relationship: