Knowing and Loving Yourself = Personal Growth

I recently started my own journey of self-love. It's a journey that includes personal growth; both as an adult and the owner of my life. I realized through this journey that self-love can encompass so many things and that knowing myself; my dislikes, likes, habits, comfort zone, thoughts towards different aspects, etc., wasn't enough.

Knowing myself and everything there is to know about me was the first part but the second and probably the most important part was loving myself, all of me. Thankfully personal growth is not a one-time thing. Personal growth is ever evolving, it's me changing not just physically but mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

I have choices to make on this journey of self-love every moment of the day. I can go back to old habits and beat myself up for mistakes I make or the things I tell myself are not good enough in my life. Or I can continue to learn and apply what I study about personal growth on a consistent basis to my life permanently.

What is your take on personal growth? What if any habits do you have that include personal growth?

Stay Beautiful

Mercedes E. Cruz