SAY IT, SHOW IT, Why and How Words are felt in the body

In my relationship with my husband I use the same sentence every night “Good Night my love, I love you”. In the morning before my husband leaves for work he gives me a kiss before leaving and we exchange some positive words of love.

This short dialogue on a daily basis makes me feel happy, giddy and joy in that moment and often spills over to my whole morning. If I had to guess would say my husband has similar feels.

With that said when my husband displays or shows his feelings for me, by having patients for me, by offering help when I am struggling with sometime or even trusting me when times seem difficult; when he takes these actions I notice I feel different physically. I become more relaxed, my breath is slow and my shoulder is down.

It’s as if he and I were exchanging energy and he is giving me his calm, patient and positive thoughts through his actions.

This also means that all parties involved in a relationship have the ability to impact the others person’s body on a negative and positive level. By our actions we can help the other person become relaxed (positive) or feel tension (negative).

Being aware that my actions towards my husband can have a positive or negative affect on his body is a great starting point for a better relationship between us.


Stay Beautiful
Mercedes E. Cruz