Communication with Family and Friends

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Communication with Family and Friends


What a communication course on relationships with friends and family?

As adults we are fully aware of those men and women we call friends which one’s are only around until the party, the season or the fat lady sings; you get the point. These so called friend are in your life for a short period of time and just like the wind their gone out of your life; never to hear or see them again.

We also have members of our family that we care and love for unconditionally. People in our lives that we would joyfully give a kidney, liver, and maybe even a leg for. We can also bet that these people are willing to do the same for us.  That’s exactly why we call them family.

What you get in the Friends and Family Communication E-course

  • Get to know and accept yourself
  • How your five closes relationship define you
  • How to attract quality long-term relationship
  • How to get the most out of your current friendships
  • How to improve your relationship with family
  • Why sharing is caring but listening should come first
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